White Mountains Crush Festival

Saturday, October 21, 2017 at RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain

  • Grape Stomping – “I Love Lucy Style”
  • “Meet the Winemakers” Winery Tours
  • Stompers’ Lunch on the Veranda
  • Special Wine Tasting Flight on the Veranda
  • Family-Style Outdoor Italian Feast by LaVista Italian Cuisine
  • Bonfire After Dark
  • Live Entertainment
  • Kids Activities
  • Arts/Crafts/Food Vendors

WANTED:  Grape Stompers with big feet and good balance!  Join us on Saturday, October 21st at our winery, located at the RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain for a day of grape stomping, wine tasting, winemaker tours, celebrations and more.  Everyone always asks us if we crush our grapes like Lucy did in her famous skit on TV.  The short answer is… Yes we do, at our White Mountains Crush Festival aka “CRUSH” event.  We need your help (kind of) in stomping these grapes and starting the winemaking season.

We are celebrating the end of the harvest season, and the start of the winemaking season on this one special day.  Stomp grapes and sample wine by day, celebrate and feast on Italian food, family-style by night.

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  • Grape Stomping – $20 per person – Tickets
  • Winery Tour & Tasting Flight – $20 per person – Tickets
  • Stompers Lunch on the veranda with LaVista Italian Cuisine – $40 per person (includes food, wine, and gratuity) – Tickets
  • CHILD Stompers Lunch on the veranda with LaVista Italian Cuisine – $30 per child (10 and younger) – Tickets
  • All-you-can-eat Italian Feast on the veranda with LaVista – $60 per person (includes food, wine pairing, gratuity) – Tickets
  • The “Do Everything” Ticket – $120 per person – Tickets

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 Hotel Reservations

Since Seven Birches Winery and LaVista Italian Cuisine are both located at RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain, we highly recommend it.  However, there are MANY great lodging option in the Western White Mountains to choose from.
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CRUSH Event Schedule

12pm – 2pm  “Big Feet” Grape Stomping

Grab your video cameras and smart phones for this once-in-a-lifetime photo/video op.  Kids and adults get the chance to go back in time to the days when wine grapes were stomped by foot.  That’s right, you can roll up the pant legs, and jump right in.  No shortage of laughs and smiles here.

Grape Stomp T-ShirtIncluded with your stomp ticket is a “Crushed-It” Seven Birches T-shirt.  There are no set stomp times, so you will be able to get dirty before, during, or after your scheduled tour time.  T-shirt sizes will be gathered at the point of reservations online.  We expect that you’ll be good and tired, from stomping, after 15-20 minutes of non-stop-stomping.  Of course, bystanders and videographers are free to watch and laugh with the crowd.  Not everyone NEEDS to stomp.  But, those wishing to do the tour and go to the dinner, will need tickets.

What to expect:  Expect to get dirty.  The tubs of grapes are not very deep, but you will get splashed, so dress appropriately.  You will want to wear loose-leg pants (or shorts) so you can roll up the legs.  Or, by all means ruin your pants… up to you.  We will have each participant sanitize their feet prior to getting into the tubs, and we’ll have nice hot water to wash your feet off when you are done.  Plan for purple toes for a while.

Kids under the age of 10, STOMP FREE (no reservation required).  But, that does not include the t-shirt or print.  You’ll have your own camera or smart phone, for sure.

New in 2017:  We learned a lot in 2016 and we have some great improvements for this year!  Here are some of them:

  • Larger Stomp Barrel – We heard your feedback about the stomp barrels being too small and only 1 person at a time.  So, this year, you’ll be stomping together!
  • Warmer Grapes – We had our grapes refrigerated last year and they were a bit cold.  We’ll pull them out a couple days before, to warm them up for you this year.
  • Lunch – There will be lunch served by Lavista during the stomp.
  • T-Shirts – We learned that after you wash your t-shirts with your own grape footprints, they faded.  So, this year, we’ll have footprints already on the shirts, like the one in the picture.

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12pm – 2pm  Stompers’ Lunch on the Veranda

Stomping all of those grapes takes a lot of work, so you’ll be thankful that you bought the Stompers’ Lunch ticket.  Join your fellow crushers up on the veranda for a special lunch with LaVista Italian Cuisine.   When the bell rings, you’ll know its time to head up to the veranda where you’ll be able to watch the action down below.    Mile-long Italian grinder, stromboli, fettuccine alfredo, caesar salad, garden salad, spaghetti, meatballs, tortellino with pesto, cannoli and more.  What fun!  Tickets for this meal are $40 per person and include all you can eat and the wine that we select to go with the meal.

Children 10 years and younger are only $30…. and they’ll have to come back in 11 years to try the wine!

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12pm, 1pm, 2pm, & 3pm – “Meet the Winemaker” Tour of the Winery

Interested in how our wines are hand-crafted, right here in New Hampshire?  Included with the event ticket is a “Meet the Winemaker” tour during one of the 4 available tour times.  This intimate tour of the winery and chat with the winemaker is a fantastic way to experience Seven Birches Wines.  Try a sample of red wine aging in one of our oak barrels, chat with the winemaker and taste some delicious NH wines.

fun wine weddingTours Include:

  • Winery Production Room Tour
  • Winemaking “Chat” with the Winemaker
  • Barrel Tasting of Ageing Red Wine
  • Souvenir Logo’d Wine Glass of Your Choice

When buying your tickets for the event, you will be asked to select from a choice of 4 tour times:  12pm, 1pm, 2pm, or 3pm.  Times are subject to availability, so if you have a preference, please book early.

“Wine Flight & Nibbles” on the Veranda

After completing your “meet the winemaker” tour of the winery, you’ll be escorted to the RiverWalk veranda, where we’ll have a special group tasting with some “nibbles” from LaVista Italian Cuisine.  We’ll sample 5 more of the wines made at Seven Birches as we discuss their character and flavor.  Seven Birches wine hosts will be able to help you find just the right wines for you, and answer any more of your questions.  Keep in mind that the times for this part of the event are not exact, as this will immediately follow your tour, which starts on the hour.

Of course, we encourage you to purchase wine to take home.  We can hold purchased wine behind the bar for you, so you don’t have to carry it to dinner.  Unless, you want to take it to your car or to your room.  Just remember, cars can get quite hot in the sun, and wine is allergic to sun and heat.

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4pm – Harvest Crush Celebration Family-Style Feast by LaVista Italian Cuisine

Join us on the outdoor veranda of RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain, overlooking South Peak and the Pemi River, for the final celebration of the season.  Enjoy this feast, prepared and served outside, in the twilight, family-style by LaVista Italian Cuisine.   Included with your event ticket is an all-inclusive meal.  That’s right… all you can eat Italian food, plenty of Seven Birches wine, music, family and friends, all included.  There is a cash-bar, just in case someone is not a wine drinker.  Yes, there are some people that don’t drink wine… and they are welcome, of course!

You can expect an array of pasta dishes, meats, breads, salads and …. wine, of course.  Hummus, calamari, caesar salad, fresh garden salads, grilled vegetables, spaghetti & meatballs, chicken parmesan, fettuccine alfredo, torellini pesto, cannoli and more.   More than you can actually eat….. but, we’ll give it a shot!

New in 2017:   This year we will also be pairing our wines with the foods that will be served at the feast.  So, you’ll know just what is coming out, and what wine to have with that part of the meal.    We are also planning for warmer weather, but don’t keep your fingers crossed.  We’ll do our best, but be prepared.

FOR THE KIDS:  We’ll have a resort-hosted activity for the kids during dinner, so that you can enjoy that time and the wine, sans-enfants (without the kids).  We’ll post more on this as we get closer to the event.

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Ticket Information

The fine print:  The “Do Everything” all-inclusive ticket price of $120 per person will get you into everything that we have going on for this event on October 21st.  See below for specific activities and a-la-carte ticket options.  You MAY purchase tickets for individual activities now but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to add on other activities later.  They may get sold out.  Ticket sales are limited and are on a first-come, first-served, reservations basis.  There is a possibility that this event will sell out, so it is recommended to purchase tickets early.  Once purchased, we have no way of returning the electronic ticket, so all sales are final.  When buying certain tickets, you will be asked for your T-Shirt Size and your Tour time.   Grape stomping does not require a specific reservation and can be done before, during, or after winery tours and tastings.  Please bring your printed ticket, or an electronic version with you when you come.  That will get you into your paid events.  New England weather is finicky, so please plan accordingly; this event will happen rain, wind, snow, or shine (or any mix of the above, which also happens here in the mountains).

  • Ticket Prices:

    • Grape Stomping – $20 per person – Tickets
    • Winery Tour & Tasting Flight – $20 per person – Tickets
    • Stompers Lunch on the veranda with LaVista Italian Cuisine – $40 per person (includes food, wine, and gratuity) – Tickets
    • CHILD Stompers Lunch on the veranda with LaVista Italian Cuisine – $30 per child (10 and younger) – Tickets
    • All-you-can-eat Italian Feast on the veranda with LaVista – $60 per person (includes food, wine pairing, gratuity) – Tickets
    • The “Do Everything” Ticket – $120 per person – Tickets

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For the kids!

What's available for the kids?

Are kids welcome at the CRUSH?  Of course they are !  In fact, kids under 10 get to stomp the grapes for free and we’ll have a bunch of other fun and games for them on the resort lawn.  Our adventure concierge at RiverWalk has a day of activities in the works that will keep your little ones occupied as you do the dirty work (you know what we mean).   So, absolutely bring the kids and your grandparents for all the fun!

  • Ring toss game with wine bottles
  • Painting with corks
  • Dyed pasta necklaces
  • Bubble bucket
  • Bocce ball
  • Cornhole
  • & More!

Live Entertainment

Holly Furlone