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Seven Birches Winery’s Story

Seven Birches is a boutique winery in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We have 2 locations located within the grand new RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain and the Lincoln Village Shops.  We are crafting wines from classic grape varietals brought in from around the world, as well as locally-grown fruits.   We also make hard ciders under our newest brand, Rhythm Cider, open now at the Rhythm Studio.  All of the wine & cider production is done inside the resort itself, a 5-star mixed vacation ownership property with luxury condominium units and a plethora of amenities.  Just down the hall from the front desk, on the main level, is our winery production facility along with our tasting room and wine shop. Just across the parking lot is the Rhyth Studio, both within walking distance.  We welcome you to visit us to taste some locally made wine and ciders, take a tour of the winery, and experience the grandeur of this majestic place in the BaseCamp of the White Mountains.   Read Some Reviews

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About Seven Birches Winery

Our Brands

We are currently operating under and producing products for 2 consumer brands, Seven Birches Winery and Rhythm Cider.  Both brands operate tasting rooms and have their own distinct product line.  However, all of the wine and cider products are produced at Seven Birches Winery, inside the RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain.

About Seven Birches Winery

Our Products

Seven Birches Winery is handcrafting classic European grape varietals and locally grown grapes into distinctive, classic wines.  Seven Birches wines are produced under 2 labels, referred to as our RiverWalk collection and our Nouveau collection.

Our newest product line is our Rhythm Cider.  Rhythm Ciders, Rhythm Meads, Rhythm Hard Seltzers, Rhythm Fruit Wines, and other fun and funky, unique ferments are all made at Seven Birches Winery, sampled at the Studio and distributed.

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About Seven Birches Winery

Our Locations

We currently operate 2 retail stores in 2 main locations, our winery tasting room at RiverWalk Resort and our Rhythm Studio at the Lincoln Village Shops.  Both locations are walking distance apart and feature unique experiences, both indoors and out.

Our RiverWalk store is quaint and elegant with a beautiful tasting bar, outdoor veranda seating, and gift shop.  The Rhythm Studio offers spacious seating with a more laid-back feeling, offering a host of sampling options and picnic-style foods.  The Rhythm Studio also offers great in-town, outdoor seating (seasonally), in the center of it all.

About Seven Birches Winery

Our Team

It takes a village, so they say.  At Seven Birches Winery and Rhythm Cider it certainly takes a team of dedicated professionals to produce, serve, market and sell our products.  We are all on our own wine journey and at the moment, sharing that journey with you when you visit our winery.

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Plenty of Studio Space
About Seven Birches Winery

Our History

Prior to 2010, Mark LaClair was a hobby winemaker, making wines at home out of all sorts of fruits. In the fall of 2009, while attending a local charity event, he gave a bottle of his homemade apple wine to the evening’s keynote speaker as a thank you gift. That gift sparked a conversation which led to the founding of Seven Birches Winery with his partners at Windy Ridge Orchard in North Haverhill, NH.

In 2010, Mark started his first commercial vintage of Apple and Blueberry Wine, followed by the first vintage of grape wines from South America in the spring of 2011. After quickly selling out of everything, he immediately knew that they had something special, something that would require more and larger tanks, and eventually, more space.

In the fall of 2012, they began construction of a purpose-built winery at the orchard to allow for some expansion. That new facility and tasting room opened in the summer of 2013, offering customers more variety, more space, and a far better experience. It was a fantastic venue for growing the winery for the next few years.

At the end of 2015, after having a successful five years at the orchard, Mark decided it was time to move the winery into a year-round facility in the bustling tourist town of Lincoln, NH. In the spring of 2016, Seven Birches Winery moved into its new home at the grand new RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain, still under construction at the time. The tasting room and the resort opened that June.

In December, 2018, the winery opened its second tasting room called the “Atrium Wine Bar at the Lincoln Village Shops” across the parking lot from RiverWalk Resort. This second tasting room allowed for a more comfortable experience on busy days, and a new venue to host public and private events.

In May of 2019, Seven Birches planted a 76-vine test vineyard in  the RiverWalk resort backyard. The vines are all hybrid grapes that will withstand the harsh winters and will ripen its fruit in the shorter NH growing season.

In October, 2019, Seven Birches completed the renovation of a new private function space adjacent to the Atrium wine bar only to be renovated again in 2020 for more COVID-safe tasting room space.  2020 also saw the launch of Seven Birches Winery’s newest product line, Rhythm Craft Ciders.  “Rhythm Ciders” is a stand-alone brand made by Seven Birches Winery with the intention of being distributed around New England and beyond.

218 more vines were planted in 2020 along with 160 more in the spring of 2021.  There are now 454 vines in the ground with the first block expected to grow a crop;  harvest expected in the fall, 2021.

Construction of RiverWalk Resort’s phase 2 is expected to began in the spring of 2022, and include an expanded winery, barrel room, and new tasting room/bar.  For the winter season 2021-22, the expanded tasting room at the Atrium will evolve into the Rhythm Ciders Studio, for an immersive cider tasting experience.

At the conclusion of 2023, the Atrium Wine Bar closed in prepartion for the expansion winery.  The Rhythm Studio will follow suit in the late spring of 2024.

2010 – Seven Birches Winery was founded
2012 – Construction of new winery & tasting room
2013 – Opened new facility at Windy Ridge Orchard
2015 – Moved business to Lincoln, NH
2016 – Opened new facilities at RiverWalk Resort
2018 – Opened expansion tasting room at the Atrium
2019 – Planted first block of 76 hybrid vines
2020 – Launched Rhythm brand, more vines
2021 – Opened Rhythm Studio, total vines now 454
2022 – Began construction of Seven Birches Winery expansion
2023 – Construction continues, Atrium Wine Bar Closes