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We are so very excited to announce new, enhanced wine club membership benefits.  Below, you’ll see a brief overview of the new benefits which include an all-new Loyalty Rewards Points program and Wine Club Tiers.  The bottom line is that we have not taken anything away, only made your membership in the club much more valuable.  The “Base Tier” is what you have had in the past.  But, get ready, because your membership is about to get even better!

New Wine Club Tiers

Enhanced Benefits for Club Members


  • Club Membership is ALWAYS FREE.
  • Tiers are based on the amount of wine you buy annually (including spring/fall releases).
  • Tiers are automatically applied.  You do not have to do anything.
  • Loyalty Rewards Points are earned at faster rates, the more you spend.
  • Membership benefits improve the more you spend annually.
  • No commitment beyond your 2 releases/year is required.
  • The cost of tiers are simply related to the amount you spend on wine purchases.

Loyalty Rewards Points Have Arrived!

Seven Birches Wine Club - New Benefit


  • Active wine club members will receive loyalty points for every dollar spent online and in-store.
  • Members may redeem their earned points toward future purchases.
  • Members will receive bonus points annually, based on their longevity in the club.
  • Other member benefits are based on their tier.
  • Members in certain states will see “Points” accumulating in their accounts.
  • Members in other states may see “Stored Credits”.

So, how does the tier system work?  It’s simple!

Everyone starts in the base tier. As you spend more, you move up, automagically!

Base Tier


To Join & Participate
  • 2 Releases/Year
  • 15% Discount all Beverages
  • Event Invitations
  • Pre-Release Wine Options
  • Earn 10 points per $1 spent
  • 1 Annual Tasting Voucher


$ 400

in annual wine purchases
  • 2 Releases/year
  • 15% Discount All Beverages
  • Event Invitations
  • Pre-Release Wine Options
  • Earn 20 points per $1 spent
  • 2 Annual Tasting Vouchers
  • 1 FREE Shipping Voucher


$ 700

in annual wine purchases
  • 2 Releases/year
  • 15% Discount All Beverages
  • Event Invitations
  • Pre-Release Wine Options
  • Earn 30 points per $1 spent
  • 3 Annual Tasting Vouchers
  • 2 FREE Shipping Vouchers
  • 1 Complimentary Bottle Annually


$ 1,200

in annual wine purchases
  • 2 Releases/year
  • 15% Discount All Beverages
  • Event Invitations
  • Pre-Release Wine Options
  • Earn 40 points per $1 spent
  • 4 Annual Tasting Vouchers
  • FREE Unlimited Shipping
  • 2 Complimentary Bottles Annually
  • 1 Private Wine Tasting Event (up to 8 people)

Bonus Points!

The longer you are in the club, the more bonus points you'll receive!

Years 1 & 2

+ 1000

Annual Bonus Points

Years 3 & 4

+ 2000

Annual Bonus Points

Years 5-9

+ 3000

Annual Bonus Points

Years 10+

+ 4000

Annual Bonus Points

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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated as we receive them.

How much are my points worth?

  • Loyalty Rewards Points are worth 1/100 of a dollar (1 point is 1 penny).  For example, 100 points is worth $1.  1000 points is worth $10.    (some states, managed on our Commerce7 platform)
  • “Stored Credits” are equal to dollars (some other states, managed on our VinoShipper platform).

How do I redeem my points?

When you are logged into your online account, you can see the number of “Loyalty Rewards Points” or the amount of “Stored Credit” that you have.  When making a purchase online, you’ll be offered the opportunity to use those points at checkout.

When will I receive my bonus points?

Your bonus points will be awarded in January based on your club activity in the preceding year.  This is a manual data-entry process, so please understand that an exact date is not feasible.  But, we’ll make sure you get them!

When will I receive my tasting and shipping vouchers?

Tier qualification is based on an annual spend amount.  In other words, how much did you spend in the calendar year?  So, at the end of each calendar year, the club manager will credit your account in loyalty points equal to the value of the shipping and bottle perks.  You will receive the points for those specific perks, but you can use the points however you choose!

IF you are one of our amazing Platinum level members, then you’ll also receive a letter inviting you to book your private wine tasting event.

As member of gold and platinum tier, when will I get my bonus bottle(s) of wine?

In January each year, our club manager will credit your account in loyalty points for the value of the perks you deserve.  As with all other perks, your points are representative of those perks, but you can use the points however you wish.

Earning points in our physical stores. How do I ensure I get all of my points?

Our staff will require the name on your club membership when paying for beverages and receiving your member discount while visiting any of our physical stores.  Your name must be on the purchase in our store in order for us to get you your points.  Staff are required to ask, but please ensure they do by asking to earn your points during your purchase.

Can my rewards points be used for club release shipments/pick-ups?

No.  For most people, this is how most of their points are earned.  So, think of your club release wine payment as a way of earning points for all the other wonderful things you will want throughout the year.

Will my rewards points ever expire?

Nope!  Once you earn your points, they are yours, even if you choose to leave the club or if you change tiers.

Can I redeem my points in on of the physical winery stores?

Yes you can!  Please alert your host when you arrive that you are a club member and they will ensure that you get all the credits you deserve, plus offer to help you spend those points you’ve already earned.  Visiting our tasting rooms, club room, and other stores are a great way to take advanatage of all the points you have saved up!