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Club News with Katie

Fall has come to the White Mountains! While our days remain nice and warm, the chill quickly comes in when the sun goes down.

We are also busy ordering supplies, organizing, and preparing for the Fall Wine Club Release! Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement email, which will arrive in your inbox in the next few weeks. We are excited to share all the wines we have been diligently preparing for you! No spoilers, but I think it’s the best lineup we’ve had yet.

We are happy to announce that tickets for the Fall Release Party are2021 Fall Release Party Attendees now live! They are $169 and are on sale here! Join us for a weekend of wine, food, and one-on-one time with me and Mark as we explore the ongoing construction of our new production and tasting room spaces, go back in time with some older Seven Birches bottles, and make some charcuterie boards with the help of 603Charcuterie! More details on the event can be found here.

Finally, we have opened up an RSVP list for our winter meet-up! If you are interested in joining us for an evening of paired wines and dinner in Boston, let us know. We will use the RSVP list to formalize details, so don’t be shy. Tickets will go on sale in November.

As always, if you need any assistance with your club, please email me at

Tasting Room News with Brian

Tasting Room Supervisor

Steady as she goes for us in the tasting rooms these days! Our staggered days off during the week means those days tend to be a bit heavier in the room that is open, which has kept our core crew of staff busy! We have a few Plymouth State students on staff, who are now back in classes for the year and are helping us out on our busy weekends.

We are rolling in the fall flavors with the 2021 Apple Wine now on the menu at the Riverwalk Tasting Room and our new artist labeling of Traditional Hard Apple Cider for sale at Rhythm Studio!

It’s getting to be last call on the wine slushies for the season! Once they’re gone, they won’t be back until Memorial Day Weekend, so if you’ve been wanting to try a slushy made with one of your favorite Seven Birches berry wines, you better come quick. To fill the void of no slushies for the next few months, we are excited to announce that you can now go home with Rhythm style growlers of any cider or seltzer on tap! Having a few friends over? Going on a big fall day adventure? Take a fresh draft of cider with you! Visit Rhythm Studio for pricing and details, and take home one of our giant 3 liter green jugs with you.

Here is a refresher of our hours if you’re planning to join us during foliage season:

Monday & Tuesday at Studio only from 1-7pm

Wednesday & Thursday at the Riverwalk Tasting Room only from 1-7pm

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at both tasting rooms! Friday 1-7pm, Saturday 12-7pm, and Sunday 11-6pm

Production News with Nate

Nate Maser, Assistant Winemaker

McKenna Harvest Vineyard at Seven BirchesSeptember is a busy, busy time in the vineyard and winery.  Last week, we harvested, for the first time, the first 4 rows of our RiverWalk vineyard.  The first 4 rows were the original test block A, comprising hybrid varietals called Brianna, LaCrescent, Marquette, and Sabrevois.  We are excited to report that these 64 vines produced 230 lbs of fresh fruit that WILL be used for winemaking.  Our intention is to make a varietal Marquette and LaCrescent, along with a blend of the Brianna and other grapes.  We could not be more pleased with the results of the 4 years of work.  Next year, we’ll be able to harvest block B as well, including an additional 8 rows and 3 more varieties.

At the same time, we went down to Hampton Falls, NH to pick up our first 3 totes of 270 gallons each of sweet cider for our Rhythm Hard Cider products.  The 810 gallons will be fermented for our Original Hard Cider and our Honey PRIDE Hard Cider.  Those products will be aged over the winter and likely released in 2023.  Unlike most hard cider products on the market, our hard ciders are made like fine Champagnes and aged (some in oak) to integrate the tannins, with the acids and other phenolics to produce a more European style cider.

We are expecting our North American harvest later this week and will keep you posted in the next newsletter about the 2022 Fall vintage.  We are excited to get another harvest in the building and into tanks.  From what we hear, the bounty looks very good this year.

Save the date!

Friday, November 4-Sunday, November 6: Fall Release Event. Tickets on sale here

Thursday, January 26: Seven Birches Comes to You! Winter Dinner Social in Boston. Want to join us? RSVP here. Tickets will go on sale November 6