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Club News with Katie

Katie Masters, Supervisor

Summer is absolutely flying by here in Lincoln! We have been steadily getting busier in the tasting rooms, especially with club member visits! It’s been great catching up with all your familiar faces. If you’re debating a visit, just a friendly reminder that Wine Club members receive 25% off all wine purchased in-house through the rest of the month! If you are part of the Vine Club, now is the time to upgrade to a traditional club membership!

As you’ve probably noticed, we tend to ebb and flow both in the busyness of our tasting rooms as the seasons change, but also in production. Our products are made with whole, fresh fruit, and because of that we are beholden to their harvest seasons. We are ramping up again, as Nate, McKenna, and Mark have been paying special attention to the veraison, or ripening, of our grapes in the vineyard, and getting ready to bottle a new round of fresh wines to help make space for our fall harvest grape delivery next month, and apples shortly after. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to get those bottles to you!

I mentioned in last month’s newsletter that our Fall Release Event will be the first weekend of November, Friday the 4th – Sunday the 6th. Tickets will go on sale soon, and you’ll receive word once they’re live. We have a few fun things planned, including a charcuterie board making workshop hosted by New Hampshire’s own 603 Charcuterie.

Finally, we are planning a winter meetup! This time, Seven Birches is coming to you! We are going to have a dinner and wine pairing in Boston on the evening of Thursday, January 26th. We’ll be opening up an RSVP list for this soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that email!

As always, if you need any assistance with your club, please email me at

Tasting Room News with Brian & Katie

Tasting Room Supervisors

Ciders, seltzers, meads, oh wine! We are definitely heading into the busy season for the year. We are in the middle of some wonderful weather, after a few weeks of incredibly hot and humid days.

New to the menu at the Riverwalk Tasting Room are version 5 of Legacy and a new bottling of Oaked Chardonnay from last year’s harvest. Legacy is always a favorite on the menu, but we think the new Chardonnay is quite delightful, too! Our new brite tanks for the expansion are now installed in their forever home! You can see them from the Riverwalk Tasting Room. It’s been a fun talking point.

Rhythm Studio is shaking things up with some new charcuterie boards on the menu. We now have a vegetarian board available there, along with a dips and spreads board and a giant grazing table style board of all the best snacks for our bigger groups.

As we head into our busier season, mid-week is definitely the best time to stop in to visit. Saturdays and Sundays will continue to get busier until mid-October. So plan ahead and say hi when you’re up! We’d love to see you.

Production News with Nate

Nate Maser, Assistant Winemaker

Greetings from the Vineyard at Seven Birches!  It is August and it is time for the grapes to prepare themselves to become most attractive to birds and other rodents around the vineyard.  Vines have a mystical way of developing sugars in their berries to make them taste sweeter, attracting the animals who will crave them.  The animals will devour the grapes and spread their seeds around the land to procreate more vines….unless, that is, we stop them in their tracks and prevent them from getting to the berries.  By installing “bird netting” we are able to keep the sweet grapes for ourselves.    Check out our most recent video on the subject.

In the winery, we have a strong ferment progressing with our blueberries that will become our Rhythm Blueberry Wine, Blueberry Hard Cider, and Blueberry Seltzer.  They are some wonderful fruit to work with and surprisingly similar to grapes.  Plenty of acid for sprite, tannin for grip, and anthocyannin for color.  All of that yields a a natural, good for you, wine.

Bottles are arriving this week for our summer bottling.  We will be bottling our spring whites, a new rose, and our ice apple wine from last fall.  This is the time we are making room for the arrival of our Fall northern hemisphere grapes, which we are getting from California and Washington state.  We hope you’ve had a great summer and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Save the date!

September 1: RSVP list opens up for the Winter Dinner Social in Boston, email to come

Friday, November 4-Sunday, November 6: Fall Release Event, more details to come!

Thursday, January 26: Seven Birches Comes to You! Winter Dinner Social in Boston