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Club News with Faith

Faith Cunningham, Wine Club Concierge


Faith and Anna2022 is off to a busy start and we are no exception! Lots going on to tell you about this month! First, it’s that time of year to save big again! We only do this two times a year so be sure to take advantage of 25% off this month on any wine or cider bottle purchases in any of our tasting rooms. Only available IN STORE (not available online).

In membership news, we have decided to implement an exciting new wine club membership tier system. The first base level is for new members who commit to their 2 shipments per year.   Club members who spend more and/or remain active club members over time, move up tier levels. NO FEES. Higher levels have greater discounts and MORE VALUE.

As existing members, you already receive 15% off.  Now what we have done is rewarded you even more by being a loyal member! The longer you have been an active club member or the more wine you purchase, the bigger the benefit. For example, If you have been with us between 5 to 9 years or spend a minimum of $700.00 on wine, then you become a Gold member. You’ve earned 25% off, free shipping on wine, 2 complimentary annual tastings, and more.

We have already looked at your individual profile and adjusted your level based on dollars spent or number of years as a club member. Please reach out to me with any questions!

There’s still time to grab your ticket to our Spring Release Party! It’s all starting Friday, Apr 8, 2022.   Here are the details:

FRIDAY APRIL 8TH  – Welcome!

7pm – 9pm – Welcome Wine Social

  • Handout welcome packets and itinerary
  • Small appetizers
  • Open cocktail hour (one complimentary glass of wine)
  • Familiarization game
  • Announcements

SATURDAY APRIL 9TH – Wine Activities

10AM-12:30PM – Wine Labels Explained

  • Production Tour and Label Education
  • Mini tasting during tour (new items)

12:30-1:30PM  – Lunch on your own

1:30PM-4:00PM – Blind Tasting Experiment

  • Blind taste test activity-understanding wine characteristics with blind tasting
  • Wine trivia

4:00PM-6:00PM – Free time

5:00PM-7:00PM – Club Release Tasting

  • Wine tasting of release wines
  • Hors D’Oeuvres
  • Cocktail hour

SUNDAY APRIL 10TH – Club Wine Time


  • Pick up release wines at RW
  • Gift bag
$109 pp - RESERVE Now!

Wine Tidbits

Unfiltered Craft CiderTo filter, or not to filter?  That is the question.

Something that we struggle with quite often is whether to filter our wines, ciders, seltzers, meads, and other ferments.  On the one hand, filtering the product makes it shine perfectly clear and more shelf stable.  On the other hand, it may strip out some flavor or perhaps even some color.  So, how do we know when to filter and when not to?

Sometimes, filtering is almost a necessity.  For example, if we have a wine that has some residual sugar (RS), such as our Moscato, it would be somewhat dangerous to not filter it.  The RS in the bottle could begin to re-ferment, causing CO2 gas to build up in the bottle and potentially explode.  Sterile filtration (.45 microns) would eliminate any microbial activity (both yeast and bacteria) that may be in the wine, making it perfectly stable.

Other wines that have some residual malic acid (did not go through malolactic fermentation) like some of our white wines do, would be at risk of refermentation in the bottle as well, requiring sterile filtration.  We could always treat it with a heavy dose of Sulfite, but we are not big fans of adding chemicals to our wines.

Our red wines, which are both dry and have zero malic acid in them are already quite stable and don’t require sterile filtration, so we usually pass them through a coarse filter that merely removes suspended solids and puts a nice polish on the wine.

What about our seltzers?  Those are getting a sterile filtration as well, simply because we want them to be as clean and as clear as possible.  Same thing with the meads.

Ciders… now that is a different story.  We have chosen not to filter those because we believe that we will lose some of that amazing apple and other fruit flavor.  And, because we know you are a bit more sophisticated, you can understand that a cloudy cider is not a bad cider.  Some of them, you actually need to stir a little to get the little apple bits (or honey) suspended back into the bottle.  Our newest release, the Pride Honey Cider is a perfect example.  We all know that honey has a tendency to crystalize, and so you may need to just give it a little stir by tipping over the bottle to mix it in.

So, what do you think?  Do we need to filter everything?  The jury is still out.

Production News with Nate

Nate Maser, Assistant Winemaker

Cider on Draught!

20 Liter Kegs of Rhythm BeveragesAs you know, at present, we are currently bottling our craft ciders with some wicked awesome artwork for labels.  At the Rhythm Studio, our staff are pouring tasting samples and glasses of ciders for our guests out of those bottles and we go through a lot of them!  Seemed like such a waste of materials to be recycling cases of cider bottles every day.  We also experience flat (no carbonation) cider when we open an unfinished bottle from the day before.  So… we looked into getting our hard ciders on draught.  Less waste, fresher cider.  Win-win?

Rhythm Ciders on DraughtThat means kegging our ciders!  It’s an entirely new concept for us as a winery to be kegging some of our product, but it totally makes sense.  We looked into all the various options for kegs, including stainless steel, plastic, large, small, and even something called a UniKeg.  We decided that we were not in a position to store, clean, sanitize steel kegs, not to mention how incredibly heavy they are.  So, we have decided to go with a sustainable technology called PET Keg Containers.  They are something like 2 liter bottles, only ten times the size.  Then, we needed to figure out how to fill them.  What new equipment would we need?  What is the process?  Come to find out, it is very similar to filling bottles and only required 1 new piece of equipment, a coupler.  Done!

Now, how do we serve this cider on draught?  Well, we need some sort of refrigerator to keep it cold, a hook-up to a draft line, and CO2 to push the cider to the taps.  Simple, right?  Actually, kind of is.  We ended up buying our first “kegerator” that will fit 8 of our kegs, keep them cool and hook them up to an 8-tap draught system.  We purchased a couple of CO2 cylinders, made the hose connections, and voila, just like that we now have our cider on tap.

But there’s 8 taps.  Do we have 8 ciders right now?  No… but, as we are completing lots (batches) of ciders, we are kegging some of each and getting them on tap.  And, because the draught system will accommodate 8, we are going to put our first Hard Seltzer on tap as well.  Coming soon!

IF you get the chance to stop by the Studio, ask for our draught ciders (currently have our Pride Honey Cider and Bloor Orange Cider).  Marvel at how fresh they are and remember how little waste!

Tasting Room News with Brian & Katie

Tasting Room Managers in Training

The Riverwalk Tasting Room has been bustling with skiers and ice castle goers, taking a quick stop to warm up before heading out to their next adventure. Our expanded menu of four reds and four whites has proven to be incredibly popular, with many guests choosing to do a straight flight of one and finishing off with a cozy mulled wine sample. We are nearly out of Blueberry 2020 as I write this, and we will miss its depth and oaky intrigue. But that does mean we are getting ever closer to the release of a wine we have been asked about nonstop since the new year: Strawberry! So while we enjoy the hubbub of the height of winter sport season, we are increasingly eager for the return of warm weather, veranda season, and the sweet sip of Strawberry nectar.

Pride Honey CiderFebruary is a fantastic time to come visit the Studio! Wine club members may already be aware of 25% off wine bottle purchases in store at our tasting rooms, but may forget that our cider is also discounted through the wine club. We are very excited about our new release of the Pride Honey Cider as it is one of our most delicious ciders yet AND it will be available on tap in The Studio for the freshest experience. Also be on the lookout for the return of our Blood Orange Cider… ALSO on tap! While you enjoy your drink, or maybe before you come in, you can “join the band” with #RhythmRewards. Making a post on facebook or instagram with the tag @RhythmBeverages and the hashtag #RhythmRewards will get you a reward code to redeem at the Studio for something free! Wear a piece of our Rhythm Merchandise into the Studio for an additional bonus! Come rock your Rhythm at the Studio.

Don’t forget about the new releases now available for you online!

We have 2020 Nouveau Bottlings of:

  • Don't ForgetSunset Red
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Syrah
  • Pinot Noir

In addition, we also have:

  • Symphony – Chenin Blanc from South Africa
  • Curico – Malbec from Chile
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2022 Spring Release Party

  • MONTHLY PROMO!!! 25% off bottles this month in store ONLY-It’s a great month to save on your favorites!
  • February 18-GLOBAL DRINK WINE DAY! Open that bottle and celebrate our favorite fermented fruit!
  • April 8-10 Spring Release Event