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Club News with Katie

Katie Masters, Acting Club Manager

We’re over halfway through winter!

You know what that means? The Spring Wine Club Release is just around the corner! Update your details now for a smooth deliver of your next batch of Seven Birches bottles.  Click your state, or pickup option below to login.

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Last week, we sent emails out to everyone letting you know what tier of the club you are in for this year! Of course, this is just your starting point.  You can always tier-up!  We are very excited about offering our enhanced benefits to you all. When visiting the tasting rooms, be sure you tell your server (and anyone else who will listen to you!) that you are part of the wine club. We want to make sure you get the most out of your membership – and that includes racking up and using your Loyalty Points, which you can only receive if we know you’re part of the club.

Katie hosting Club After HoursI’m excited to be hosting a Wine Club “After-Hours” every Saturday night from 7-8pm at the Riverwalk Tasting Room. Come join me for a glass, try a new release, or use your Loyalty Points for a whole flight. It’s a great time to come in and ask questions about your membership, our wines, or anything else you might want to know about Seven Birches. So if you’re in the mountains, stop in! We want to see you!

That’s all from me for now. As always, please reach out if you need anything!

New Releases!

Curico NouveauCurico 2022

A Chile Harvest, oak chipped malbec featuring sporty berry notes, a racy acidity, and a fun peppery finish.


Savanna 2022Savanna RiverWalk

Sauvignon Blanc from the Chile Harvest. It’s crisp, refreshing, and light bodied, with possible notes of grapefruit, fresh cut grass, and melon.


Stock up before they hit the shelves in the tasting room! Make sure you sign into your account to get your club membership discount and earn (or use!) Loyalty Points.

Save the date!

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day Online Promotion: Save 17% on all online wine purchases (that means club members get that in addition to the usual 15%, so it’s your lucky day to stock up before the Spring Release!)

Friday, April 14-Sunday April 16: Spring Release Party! More details in the next couple weeks!

May 1:  Spring Release

Production News with Nate

Nate Maser, Assistant Winemaker

Nate Planning NotesIn the winery, we have been focused on finishing up the first lots of Rhythm Ciders.  Our ciders are now starting to hit some local stores and restaurants, creating some terrific demand for the product and receiving some great reviews.  Check out the list of locations where our ciders are now for sale.  We’ve completed the bottling/kegging of the first 3 lots of our Original Cider, 2 lots of Honey Pride Cider, and 1  Blueberry Cider.  Still in tanks and barrels are the New Hampshire Sparkling Dry and New Hampshire Sparkling Semi-Sweet, which will be bottled in a new premium format…. 750ml champagne bottles under cork and cage.  We are so thrilled to bring these 2 new ciders to you soon.  Blood Orange Cider is just finished fermenting, will be racked, and then conditioned.  That one will be done soon as well.

Believe it or not, we are already starting to think about our work in the vineyard.  Late winter, early spring, is when we prune the vines to train them onto the trellis for the upcoming growing season.  For those of you that love the details, we “cane-prune” the vines down to 4 canes per vine and about 10 buds per cane.  IF you want more info about that… you’ll have to come up and talk to us!  LOL

Lastly, we are gearing up to bottle the 2022 whites and fruits, mostly from the spring Chilean harvest and local fruit harvests.  Alto, Symphony, Strawberry and Blueberry wines will be going into bottle in March as some of those will make it into your spring release.  I would recommend that you pay attention to the new release section of the newsletter going forward as many of these wines sell out fast, and since you are club members, you get to order them first.

Enjoy the rest of winter.  Bring on the spring!

Tasting Room News with Brian

Tasting Room Supervisor

We are gearing up for school vacation weeks! The next couple of weeks will be our busiest of the winter season, and we are all stocked up on your favorites.

The most exciting new thing we’re doing is running all of your club transactions through on your club account! This means you know in real time what your Loyalty Point balance is – so you can spend them in the tasting rooms or let them keep building up! It also means you have your Seven Birches history with you all the time, from checking to see the last time you visited us, to seeing what the name of that one bottle you bought a while ago was that you just can’t remember, to updating your membership details with your server when you’re in so your wines will always find you! We are extremely excited to make this shift, as it puts our club members front and center even more.

You might also notice the staff at the Riverwalk Tasting Room greeting you with an exuberant “Welcome to the Seven Birches Wine Club!” Since we are making our wines for our club members first, we are shifting gears to put you first in every way possible. Make sure you tell your server if you belong to the club – we want to give you the royal treatment from the moment you walk in the door!