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Club News with Joce

Jocelyn Oropallo, Wine Club Administrator

Happy New Year everyone! What an incredible year we’ve had! We’re so excited for the snow to start falling here in the beautiful White Mountains. It is always a pleasure to welcome hikers and skiers and families coming from mountain activities to our tasting rooms. During these wintry days, it’s fun to anticipate our upcoming club travel in July. We can’t wait to let you know about our 2025 destination very soon. Keep your eyes and ears open for that exciting announcement! This month, we have a special treat for all of our club members. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on wine orders over $125. It’s the perfect time to stock up on your favorites! As for our new winery expansion, things are moving along nicely. The Atrium is officially closed, and we’re making great progress on the construction in the new winery! In a few short weeks, we will be down to just one location! Check out Mark’s video update below.  If everything goes smoothly, we should be in our new winery by early to mid-April. We can’t wait to welcome you there!

Expansion Construction Update

December 15, 2023

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Production News with Nate

Nate Maser, Wine & Cider Maker

Another year down and another bottle of wine empty. Be sure to replenish your wine cabinet this January with our free shipping promo running all month long. The production room is as busy as ever. Paul and I are continuing to make more cider than Rhythm has ever made to date. One of my main focuses right now is to find, decide, and experiment with different hops for our brand new Rhythm Hopped Cider. Nate Planning NotesHops are all new for me; as I assume you could have guessed I mostly drink wine and cider and not a whole lot of beer. My days are filled with research and experiments. By the end of January/ beginning of February my first round of hopped cider experiments will be given to the Studio to start tasting. Come on by and help me out, I need your input. I want to know what you like about it and, honestly almost more importantly, what you don’t like about them. I’m not satisfied with this first batch so I will be starting my second round of hopped cider experiments in a few weeks and would love to hear all of your thoughts on the first go. Also, my intention is that you folks can join me in this journey from start to finish. Come taste the first experiment and then cheers with me when I nail it down as an official bottled and labeled product. During the last week of January we will be bottling the 2023 strawberry and blueberry wines. It’s a great time for me to gain a few tanks back and we want to give the wine about three to six months in the bottle before we release it to all the folks who love their sweet wines. Once wine goes into a bottle it can undergo a short period of what’s called “bottle shock.” Bottle shock, sometimes called “bottle sickness,” describes a recently packaged or shipped wine that tastes temporarily “dumb,” or with aromas and flavors that have seemingly shut down. It often occurs in wines that have been jostled for an extended period, like when it goes from tank or barrel through the bottling line. We want to give the wine enough time to settle down and “open up” before you pour it into a glass.
We here at Seven Birches are lifting a glass to all of you in cheers for making it through another year. May this new year bring you smooth sailing with the sun on your face and the wind at your back.

Wine Club.  Wine Travel!

Club Members - Take advantage of these amazing wine-travel opportunities!

Rhine Gorge - Avalon WaterwaysWe have been hard at work researching, negotiating, and curating some upcoming wine-themed group travel for our wine club members.  As you know, it takes a lot of work to plan amazing trips.  Well, the Seven Birches Wine Club has done that work for you and planned the following trips both domestic and abroad.  This is a huge benefit to our members as these prices are discounted, the group tours are pre-arranged, and the planning is taken care of for you.  Here we go!

Rhine River Cruise Europe - July 2024

July 13-20, 2024 – Switzerland, Germany, France, & the Netherlands
Starting at $2799pp**

Save over $1000 per person on this amazing European “bucket list” trip through the Seven Birches Wine Club!

  • 8 Days, 7 Nights, 4 Countries aboard luxury river boat touring the Rhine River.
  • Includes deluxe stateroom accommodations, double occupancy (upgrades available).
  • Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner each day (all wine & beverages included at meals).
  • 6 days of adventures and excursions (you choose your excursion in each port).
  • Deposit of $299 due June 1, 2023, payment plans available.
  • Does not include flights to Zurich, flights home from Amsterdam or transfers to port.
  • Must have a minum of 10 passengers to get this discounted pricing.  First come, first served.
  • Club members may bring friends & family along.

**Pricing is based on a group of at least 10 people going.  The price is for the basic cabin on board, and of course, upgrades are available to nicer staterooms.  Flights are not included, so you will need to secure those on your own.  Use your miles!     This does cover your port fees, but not any travel protection/insurance.  Those are all available through this deal.

This trip is only available at this price through Seven Birches Wine Club.  Save over $1000 per person when booking this tour through the club.  This is such a remarkable experience at an unbeatable price.  Lets go experience the world together!

We are taking inquiries and starting our mailing list, so please let us know if you are interested!

Inquire About the Europe Trip