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Club News with Joce

Jocelyn Oropallo, Club Administrator

I hope you all had an amazing Labor Day weekend and soaked up the beauty of summer. It’s scorching hot here in Lincoln, but we all know that Fall is right around the corner. All tickets have sold for our Fall Release Party and Murder Mystery Dinner! Can’t wait to see you all there. Thank you all once again for getting your finalized vine names in. Plaques have been sent out to our sign maker and will be up very soon! On another exciting note, the Fall Release Wines are here, we have a ton of new red wines coming out, so take a look at the list to see what will be in your box! We anticipate a limited opportunity to make changes or additions to your order this Fall due to space limitations in production. So please let me know if you want to make a swap on your upcoming order! We are planning some fun things for this winter as well. December 2nd we’re taking a bus tour to 5 of the jingle bell tour participating wineries! I’m super excited to see some wineries in Southern NH! Keep an eye out for more details on that.

Production News with Nate

Nate Maser, Wine & Cider Maker

We will be attending the Big E fair this year! September 17th-19th. We will be setting up a table and sampling our different ciders. Make sure to stop by if you’re attending, and if we miss you our ciders will be available for sale all week long! Make sure to try our award winning 2022 New Hampshire Semi-Sweet Cider.

Things are going well in production. We are pressing the blueberry skins off this year’s blueberry wine. This process includes pumping the “must,” which is what wine is called while it’s still fermenting and has skins in the tank, through the Press to remove the skins from the liquid. The Press acts like a huge strainer, trapping the skins inside the cage and letting the juice flow out. Once the Press is either filled with skins or all of the must has transferred through the press we turn the Press “on.” This part of the process calls for filling the rubber bladder inside the press’s strainer cage with water so it expands and literally presses the skins to get all wanted liquid out of the skins.

Our fall harvest coming from California will be getting delivered by the end of the month. Once the grapes arrive we will process them by putting them through the crusher/destemmer. This machine replaces Lucy’s feet and does exactly what the name implies. Once the grapes are crushed, destemmed, and the needed additions are added, we start the fermentation. This is done by inoculating the must with the yeast strain of our choice. The red grape vines in the vineyard, that were able to produce secondary buds this year, are going through a process called veraison. Veraison is the process of the grape ripening and starting to change color. Red and white grapes both start out green and around this time the red grapes start to take on that red/purple hue we know and love.

Save the Dates!

November 3-5– Fall Release Party and Murder Mystery Dinner

December 2– Jingle Bells Bus Tour!

Wine Club.  Wine Travel!

Club Members - Take advantage of these amazing wine-travel opportunities!

Rhine Gorge - Avalon WaterwaysWe have been hard at work researching, negotiating, and curating some upcoming wine-themed group travel for our wine club members.  As you know, it takes a lot of work to plan amazing trips.  Well, the Seven Birches Wine Club has done that work for you and planned the following trips both domestic and abroad.  This is a huge benefit to our members as these prices are discounted, the group tours are pre-arranged, and the planning is taken care of for you.  Here we go!

Rhine River Cruise Europe - July 2024

July 13-20, 2024 – Switzerland, Germany, France, & the Netherlands
Starting at $2799pp**

Save over $1000 per person on this amazing European “bucket list” trip through the Seven Birches Wine Club!

  • 8 Days, 7 Nights, 4 Countries aboard luxury river boat touring the Rhine River.
  • Includes deluxe stateroom accommodations, double occupancy (upgrades available).
  • Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner each day (all wine & beverages included at meals).
  • 6 days of adventures and excursions (you choose your excursion in each port).
  • Deposit of $299 due June 1, 2023, payment plans available.
  • Does not include flights to Zurich, flights home from Amsterdam or transfers to port.
  • Must have a minum of 10 passengers to get this discounted pricing.  First come, first served.
  • Club members may bring friends & family along.

**Pricing is based on a group of at least 10 people going.  The price is for the basic cabin on board, and of course, upgrades are available to nicer staterooms.  Flights are not included, so you will need to secure those on your own.  Use your miles!     This does cover your port fees, but not any travel protection/insurance.  Those are all available through this deal.

This trip is only available at this price through Seven Birches Wine Club.  Save over $1000 per person when booking this tour through the club.  This is such a remarkable experience at an unbeatable price.  Lets go experience the world together!

We are taking inquiries and starting our mailing list, so please let us know if you are interested!

Inquire About the Europe Trip

Tasting Room News with Brian

Tasting Room Supervisor

We are absolutely loving this summer and it has been such a joy to see all of our amazing members. Can you believe that fall is just around the corner? And you know what that means… it’s Cider Season! But who needs an excuse to enjoy some cider, right? We are super excited to announce that all month long, if you stop by our stores, you can buy 6 ciders and receive one official Rhythm cider drinking glass. How awesome is that? Oh, and have you tried our new cider slushees? They are seriously delicious, so make sure to give them a try when you visit us. By the way, I wanted to fill you in on some exciting news. The construction for phase 2 is going really well, and we can’t wait for our new outside bar and club lounge. It’s going to be fantastic! We will be in our new location before we even realize it. We are also extremely thrilled for our Fall Release Party and we can’t wait to see you all there. Keep an eye out for the jingle bells tour details this winter too! It’s going to be such a fun and festive time.

Mark's Facebook Live Update:

Fall Release Wines

Here’s the list of what you will be receiving:

Mostly Reds Club
2021 RW Pinotage/Satori (South Africa)
2021 RW Classique/Cab Franc (Chile)
2021 RW Carmenere/Karma (Chile)
2021 RW Tempranillo
LEG6- Legacy
2021 RW Kismit (Red Blend that was Co-fermented) (Cab Sav, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, Pinot Noir)

Mostly Whites Club
2022 Rumor (Riesling)
2021 RW Spring Chardonnay
2022 Alto (Pinot Grigio)
2022 Symphony (Chenin Blanc)
2022 Angel (Rose)
2022 Apple

Variety Club
2021 Sunset Red
2022 Alto (Pinot Grigio)
2022 Symphony (Chenin Blanc)
2022 Angel (Rose)
2022 Apple

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