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Atrium @ Lincoln Village Shops

Saturday, June 16th

This Father’s Day, we’re giving Dads a break! On Saturday, June 15th, we are planning a special wine event at our Atrium tasting room so you can celebrate the day free from the kids.

But… we’ll have options for the kids as well.

It’s been too long since all of the dads could enjoy adult beverages, conversation, and night life without having to stress over the details. So for only $15 per person, we will provide all of the aforementioned as well as two glasses of our handcrafted wine!

If you can’t make it to Dad’s Night Out at the Atrium, don’t worry! Seven Birches Winery Riverwalk Resort tasting room will be hosting a Father’s Day Special on Sunday, June 16th. Stop by with your father and his tasting flight is on us!

Father’s Day Special

Sunday, June 16th @ Riverwalk Resort Tasting Room