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A Message in the Bottle

Marriage is a Journey

The journey for the Gagnon-Perkins wine started in the summer, 2017 when these two lovely ladies decided that making a custom wine for their wedding would be a great way for them to work together on crafting something that would be as special to them on their day as the wedding itself.  They knew they wanted to create something that would represent who they were, that would be something memorable to add to the beginning of their lives as a married couple.  After months of working on their wine (with a lot of help from the staff at Seven Birches), they have finally bottled it up and packed it away for the big day.

On Friday, March 30th, Jill and Lauren (and mom too) came up to RiverWalk Resort for the sole purpose of capping off (in this case corking) months of winemaking with a bottling of their special blend.  They did a fantastic job and have now earned themselves a permanent spot on the bottling team at Seven Birches.  They did it all.  Sanitized the bottles, filled them with love, corked them up and sealed with a kiss (a PVC Capsule, really).

As for the wine…. it’s beautiful, tasty, and without question, one of a kind!

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A Few Pics from Bottling Day

Who knew making wine was this much fun?