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Jill & Lauren – Ready to tie the knot!

July 2018

These 2 lovely ladies have decided to make the ultimate commitment together, and join the barrel club.  Ok, the real commitment is their planned wedding for July 2018.  But, we love that they have decided to plan their wedding with us, at least the wine part, anyways.  Welcome Jill & Lauren to the Seven Birches Barrel Club!

Over the course of the next year, the winemakers at Seven Birches will consult with the ladies on what wine they would like to make, how it shall be fermented, racked, filtered, bottled, labeled, and eventually consumed.  Right now, we are leaning toward making a blush or rosé that will mark the first compromise this couple will make together.  You see, Jill has recently fallen in love with red wines, while Lauren is into the whites.  What could be a more perfect union than a rosé?

So here, on the Jill & Lauren blog, we’ll keep track of all the progress of their decisions and their wine.  First stop…. a decision to be made on the fruit!

Best of luck Lauren and Jill!