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Holiday Themed Wine Trip

Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

The Seven Birches Wine/Travel Club is at it again, with our next big adventure!  This time, we are headed to Southern NH to visit 5 wineries participating in the NH Jingle Bells Winery Tour on Saturday, December 2, 2023.  We’ll be transported by bus to 5 wineries, eating dinner as a group and staying overnight.

The Itinerary:  Saturday, 12/2/23

10am – Arrive at Flag Hill Winery & Distillery in Lee, NH to Check In (drive yourself here)

11am – Wine Tasting at Flag Hill Winery
12:15pm – Wine Tasting at Squamscot Vineyard & Winery
1:45pm – Wine Tasting at Labelle Winery Derry
3:00pm – Wine Tasting at Sweet Baby Vineyards
4:15pm – Wine Tasting at Appolo Vineyards

6pm – Return to RiverCrest Villas for Overnight Stay
6:30 – 8pm – Dinner at Flag Hill Winery & Distillery

8pm – Campfire & Wine at RiverCrest Villas

Sunday, 12/4/23:

Checkout of Villa by 10am – on your own for more winery visits


$200 Per Person

Includes all of the following:

  • Overnight accomodations in 1 of the villas at RiverCrest Villas (double occupancy)*
  • Bus transportation to/from 5 different wineries on Saturday, 12/2.
  • Dinner & 2 Glasses of Wine at Flag Hill Winery & Distillery on Saturday, 12/2.
  • Wine by the campfire at the RiverCrest Villas (weather dependent)
*The RiverCrest Villas can accomodate a 3rd or 4th person for odd sized groups.  Prices are slightly discounted for groups of 3-4 people.  See the FAQ below.

Trip Does NOT Include

Jingle Bells Winery Tour Ticket

Because the Jingle Bells Winery Tour takes place over the course of an entire month, and there are more wineries (including Seven Birches!) that you can visit, you will need to purchase your ticket separately.  Your Jingle Bells Winery Tour ticket will get you access to the other participating wineries that we are NOT visiting on Saturday, December 2nd.  So.. we recommend that you go hit more on Sunday or another weekend of your choosing.

This trip DOES NOT include the wine tasting at each winery.  For that you will need to purchase your Jingle Bells Winery Tour ticket.

Buy Jingle Bells Winery Tour Tickets
Jingle Bells Winery Tour
The club trip is on 1 day, Saturday, 12/2/23.
You will need to purchase your Jingle Bells Winery Tour ticket separately. That gets you entrance to all of the other participating wineries over the course of this seasonal event.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does the $200 per person price include wine tasting at the wineries?

The short answer is NO.  You will need to purchase your Jingle Bells Winery Tour ticket separately.  The $200 per person covers the cost of overnight accomodations, transportation to/from 5 wineries, dinner & campfire.

What about lunch?

The 5 wineries that we are visiting are all participating in the Jingle Bells Winery Tour.  That means, with your ticket you will receive a minimum of 4 samples of wine at each location, a light snack, and a keepsake ornament.  Although lunch is not provided, you will have snacks along the way.  IF you need something more substantial, we recommend packing a little picnic of your own for the bus.  Most wineries also have charcuterie-style snacks available for purchase during your tasting flights.

Traveling Alone or Sharing a Room

The Villas at RiverCrest technically sleep 4 people.  We are selling this trip for $200 as “Double Occupancy”, meaning 2 people per villa.  However…

  • If you are a group of 3-4 and want to share a room, we do have a discounted price available for those sharing rooms.  The price for sharing a room is $175 per person.
  • IF you are traveling alone, and would like your own villa, the price is $300 per person.
  • IF you would like to join us, but you can’t stay overnight (or you have other lodging options), we have limited seats available at $125 per person.

Is this club event pet friendly?

The short answer is no.  Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have pets aboard the bus taking us to various wineries and pets are generally not allowed indoors at the wineries anyways.  The River Crest Villas do have a few pet friendly rooms, however, we are not guaranteed a check-in until we return from the wineries on Saturday.   IF you book your own villa for Friday night, directly with RiverCrest, then there is a good chance you could leave your pet in the villa while we are visiting wineries.

Is there a ticket for non-drinkers?

The cost of the event is largely based on non-alcohol based activities (lodging, transportation, meals, etc).  Thus, there is no difference in tickets between drinkers and non-drinkers.  However, if a non-drinker would like to attend everything, stay overnight, and enjoy the meals, then… buying a ticket to the event will get them into all of that.  They would not need to purchase the “Jingle Bells Tickets” which is sold separately.

How much is the jingle bells ticket.. that's not included in the $200?

Tickets for the “Jingle Bells Winery Tour”, giving you access to the tastings at all of the participating wineries ranges from $55 (per person) to $100 (per couple).

These tickets are not included in the $200 event that we are selling for December 2nd.  Make sure you buy your tickets here:  Jingle Bells Tickets