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Club News with Faith

Faith Cunningham, Wine Club Manager

Faith on HammockThe Summer savings continue for club members!

Enjoy 25% off the month of August in any of our retail stores (must be present at time of purchase).*  Tell your wine loving friends and family to come visit us at any of our tasting rooms this month! Upon registration in one of our wine clubs, they’ll receive 25% off their first 6 bottle (min) purchase instead of the regular 15%.  And, if you happen to be in the area, this is the time to stock up!  Don’t forget, club members get a FREE wine tasting flight each year.  See you soon?

This Fall we are doing something special for our valued members! We would like to celebrate the Seven Birches Fall Wine Release with you! We will be having a two day event, starting on Friday, November 5th. On Friday, we will have a welcome wine and small snacks in our Atrium. Saturday, we will be offering an educational speaker on winemaking, a tasting of our Fall Release wines, and a fun activity in our production room where you will be able to create your very own blended wine! More details will be available later this month.

*This promotion is only valid while physically in one of our stores.  We cannot give this discount for orders we ship.  Shipping orders will get 15% off as usual.

Tasting Room News with Brian & Katie

Tasting Room Managers in Training

Katie & FaithThe Riverwalk Tasting Room is bustling with summer activity. Our covered veranda has been a safe harbor for those seeking a relaxing day out of the rain. The experiments in production are creating an inviting aroma of fun things to come in the hallway. And we recently received a new batch of souvenir candles made of upcycled Seven Birches wine bottles. Come grab your favorite label while we have ’em! Come and visit with Katie and Faith at RW!

At our Rhythm Craft Studio tasting room we have expanded our food menu to include pita chips and hummus, chips and salsa, and our cider tasting platter that comes with pretzels, mustard, and summer sausage.  So c’mon in and sip n’ snack!

Save the Dates!

Good Stuff Right Around the Corner

  • Save the Date25% off in store in August!
  • August 4th-National white wine day!
  • August 18th-International Pinot Noir day!
  • November 5-6th-Fall Release Party

Production News with Nate

Nate Maser, Assistant Winemaker

Nate & Connor making MeadIn the Winery:  The picture to the left doesn’t quite do justice to the work we started this past month in the winery.  We are making a mead!  What is mead, you ask?  Well, mead is a traditional wine made primarily from honey.  It is one of the oldest fermented beverages on the planet and has long since lost, but now regaining, popularity.  One of our great customers, Connor Ball, is a hobby mead maker.  Over the years he has brought us some of his amazing home made libations that we have had the pleasure of tasting with him.  We loved his work so much, that we invited him to our winery to collaborate on making our very first mead.  One of his concoctions was a mead made using a small portion of apple cider.  Perfect!  So, we decided to make a cider mead together and so we go.  The wine is still fermenting, much slower than fruits to be honest, but looking and smelling great!  We are so excited to see this through, get it into a bottle and into our tasting room for the beta test of our very first mead!

In the Vineyard:  Rain, rain, go away!  Rain may be an angel for your home gardens and for your cultured lawns, but it is the devil for a wine vineyard.  The summer started with a mini-drought, but the amount of rain that we have received lately (actually, not the amount, but the frequency) has left us fighting off the fungus, specifically Downey Mildew.  Grapevines dig their roots deep, hence their ability to grow well in arid climates, like the California desert.  When it rains frequently, the vines are very susceptible to molds and mildews.  We’ve been doing our best with spraying organic compounds like Neem Oil and Copper, but without using something stronger, the mildew can take over.  The good news is that the fruit hanging in block A looks pretty good.  The mildew has predominently affected the leaves.  The vines are still growing vigorously (rain does help with that), and so the mildew will not stop them from producing as expected.  Yay!  We also just noticed this morning that some of the fruit is starting to change color, in a process call veraison.  This is part of the ripening process.  We expect to be able to harvest this sweet fruit in late September.

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  • The word “Veraison” which means the changing color of grapes on the vines.

  • Summer Recipe:  Fig & Prosciutto Summer Salad

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