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Wine with the Pros – August 2021

Wine Education with Ross

Ross Bouchard, General Manager

Ross, General ManagerWine Words:

Veraison – More a grape word than a wine word.  Pronounced Ver-Ay-Zon, this french word conveys that time in the phenological life of a grape vine when the berries start to change color.  Green berries start to turn either red/blue or to a gold/grey color, depending on the species.  There is a pigment that develops in the skins called Anthocyannin.  That pigment that builds in the skins is what we perceive as color.  This is also the time in the grapevines’ life when it is ripening.  Acids that are plentiful in the berry, keeping the hungry animals away, are diminishing and the berry starts to fill with sugars.  The vine is purposefully turning the berries a different color and making them sweeter, attracting animals.  The more the berries stand out and the sweeter they are, the more the animals will eat them and carry their seeds around.  Nature is amazing that way.

Figs & Prosciutto Summer Salad

Perfect with a glass of Solstice White!

1 bunch Arugula
4 fresh Figs
4 slices Prosciutto
4 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tablespoon fresh Orange Juice
1 tablespoon liquid honey
1 small red chilli

1) tear arugula into pieces
2) cut figs into quarters and place on top of arugula
3) cut prosciutto into strips and scatter on top of arugula & figa
4) place olive oil, orange juice and honey in a jar and shake until completely combined
5) finely dice chili and add to dressing (taste and add to your liking)
6) drizzle dressing over arugula, figs and prosciutto and mix well

Enjoy with a glass of Solstice White.