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By February 23, 2017Barrel Club

Seven Birches Barrel Club

Custom winemaking for your perfect wedding.

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting journeys you will take in your life.  Your new partnership is special and everything about your wedding should match the excitement and love you share.  Your plans, no doubt, include finding the right venue, choosing the best caterer, and fine-tuning the guest list.   You want your day to be perfect.  And, so do we.

Of course, your wedding takes place on one special day, far off in the distance.  But, your relationship and your marriage means much more than just one day.  The time you spend together leading up to your wedding day should be part of the memory.  After all, this is (hopefully) the only time you will ever do this, right?

At Seven Birches Winery, we want to make your journey just as wonderful as your one day in the sun.  This is why we created our “barrel club.”  Just imagine making your very own wine as you plan your wedding, and then having that wine on your wedding day to share with all of your guests.  You make all of the choices; we do all of the work.  This is custom winemaking.

It takes about a year for wine to be made and to age properly.  Sounds about how long you’ll be planning your wedding, right?  You will meet with the Seven Birches Winemaker to discuss the wine you want to make, and then start to make some choices that will be carried out by the winemaking staff of Seven Birches.  All along the way, the two of you will be in charge, consulting with the winemaker and making the decisions together, that will affect your wine.  Here’s just a few of the choices you’ll get to make together:

  1. What grape varietal(s) would you like in your finished wine?
  2. What yeast should we use in the fermentation?
  3. How would you like the wine finished?  Dry/Sweet?  Heavy/light oak?
  4. What type of barrel(s) shall we age the wine in?
  5. What type of bottle?  What type of cork?
  6. What do you want to say on the label?

A full barrel makes 24 cases (288 bottles) of finished wine.  That’s enough to cover your guest list and wine for the reception.  If that sounds like a bit too much, we offer half and quarter barrel options.

You’re likely going to have wine at your reception anyways, so why not make that wine special, and call it your own.  This is something you will never forget, and your guests will be amazed at just how good your wine really is.

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