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Shanna & Mike Get Engaged

September 2017

We could not be more thrilled for the engagement of Mike Maziarz & Shanna Hale.  They are a fantastic couple living, playing, and working in the White Mountains of NH.  We are also blessed to have Shanna as one of our wonderful, talented, amazing, winery tasting room hosts.

But, what gets us writing this blog post, is the fact that Seven Birches Winery will be making wine for their wedding.  Its ironic that they have more plans in place around the wine, than they do their wedding.  But, it sounds like sometime in September, 2019 will be the big day.

Shanna is very familiar with our Barrel Club, where we make custom batches of wine for our customers.  It just seems to be a great fit for weddings being planned over a year in advance.  Why not have your wine custom-made?  You will make more decisions for your wedding day than you will for any other event in your life (most likely).  So, why not make the decision that Shanna and Mike have, to create a special blend for their special day.

Mike and Shanna have decided that they are going to have a special red blend made to serve at their reception.  Perfect!  Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be discussing that blend, how to get there, and how much they want to be involved.  We can tell you already, that they’ve helped bottle wine.  Now, they can help make their own.

We’ll keep regular posts for these 2 and you’ll be able to keep tabs on them, and their wine, along the way.

Congratulations Mike & Shanna.  Bravo!

The Perfect Couple

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  • Mike says:

    Thank you to Seven Birches Winery for this amazing opportunity. We are so excited…about everything, and what better way to celebrate and remember than with signature wine! Looking forward to this process!