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Wine Education with Ross

Ross Bouchard, General Manager

Ross, General ManagerWine Words:

Balance – This is one of the key traits all great wines share. The term is used to say the elements that make up wine; acid, fruit, sugar and tannin are all in harmony.

When one or more of the main contents of any wine are more or less powerful than the others, then the wine is said to be “out of balance.”

Prosciutto with Melon

Sweet & Salty!

This simple summer treat is brought to us from Italy. The combination of sweet and salty is both refreshing and satisfying.

Prosciutto and Melon.

Cut a ripe Cantaloupe into bite sized pieces and wrap with thinly sliced bite sizes of Prosciutto and enjoy!  If you want to spice it up add a little fresh ground black pepper. Serve with a chilled glass of Seven Birches Sauvignon Blanc and you will have a perfect pairing.

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