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The Soft Launch

of our new hard cider

The seasons, the tides, our very own heartbeats, are only a few examples of nature’s curious, almost artful way of providing cadence to life. We rely on these regular patterns to survive, to evolve, to create and to experience all that surrounds us.

Every autumn, mother nature’s pulse bears fruit in the most colorful, creative, and satisfying ways. Apples. We appreciate this gift and join her rhythm by annually harvesting the apples and crafting our own natural and artistic products. We call them “Rhythm Ciders”.

Welcome to Rhythm Ciders. Apples are only the beginning.

Rhythm Craft Cider

About Rhythm Ciders

the story

You’ve no doubt found your way here by trying some of our first batches of Rhythm Ciders in our Seven Birches Winery tasting rooms and were interested in learning more.  Thank you for digging a little deeper.  Here’s the story behind the brand and what we have planned.

Winemaker, Mark LaClair, has forever wanted to craft some special hard ciders from locally grown fruit.  After all, Seven Birches humble beginnings were formed at Windy Ridge Apple Orchard.  Hard cider is technically wine, since it is fermented fruit with at least 6% alcohol by volume.  So, it is a process that Mark is intimately familiar with.  And, since most of his wine stems from classic European grapes, with classic wine styles, crafting hard ciders is a chance for him to test his creativity.

Cider is not new.  In fact, it is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages on the planet.  But, what is new is the manner in which Mark intends to ferment the apple juice and the style of hard ciders he intends to sell.  Most hard ciders on the market are sweet, flavored, carbonated beverages sold as a substitute for beer.  Mark intends to create a premium product through a process called cryoconcentration and cofermentation.  This simply means that the apple juice will be first frozen to separate out some of its water in order to concentrate the apple flavors (and sugars), then ferment that juice with other natural whole fruits to craft something truly unique.  The resulting ciders will be all-natural, refreshing, and limitless in their creativity.

Right now, Mark is crafting the first few batches of cider and taste-testing them in the Seven Birches Winery tasting rooms.  “Rhythm Ciders” will be a stand-alone brand made by Seven Birches Winery with the intention of being distributed around New England and beyond.  Here are the 3 tenets of this fledgling brand:

  • Creativity and the arts is the central focus for the brand and will be celebrated in every way.
  • All Rhythm Ciders will be made from natural whole fruits, never with any added flavoring.
  • Rhythm Ciders will always be a charitable supporter of creative people, the arts, and art education.

We hope you find your way to one of our tasting rooms this fall/winter to be one of the first to try Rhythm Ciders.  Keep an eye out for our official brand launch in the early parts of 2021.  Cheers!