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Apple Wine at Thanksgiving

Complementary Flavors and Aromas

This time of year, we are often asked “what is the best wine to serve for thanksgiving?”  Of course, that depends on the meal, the time of day, the people attending, and a whole host of other subjective variables.  But, one wine that is NEVER a miss at thanksgiving is Apple Wine.  But, why?

If your family is planning to have a steak and pasta for thanksgiving, then skip ahead to our blog post on pairing reds with heavy dishes.  But, if you are like 90% of Americans that are planning to have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce, then Apple Wine is a great choice!  We recommend that you chill the Apple Wine in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving it WITH dinner.  It is NOT a dessert wine that you should serve after dinner.  Leave that for the apple pie!

apple wine at thanksgivingSince most of the meal is savory, the sweetness and fruity quality of the Apple Wine helps to accentuate the seasoning of the main dishes and their sides.  The acidic nature of the apples also helps your mouth salivate, allowing the flavor of the food to be absorbed before you swallow in the same manor that vinegar brings out the flavor of a salad.

Here’s another reason.  Because turkey is generally a neutral-flavored protein (unlike beef or venison), we like to add salt to increase flavor.  Well, what goes better with salt than sweet?  Those 2 flavor combinations are classic.  Almost all candy bars today have some salt in them.  Think “kettle corn” and you get the idea.  The sweetness in the Apple Wine pairs perfectly with the saltiness of the turkey, and for that matter the stuffing and mashed potatoes.

Lastly, think of what you typically would pair with Pork Chops.  Applesauce.  The same logic applies with Apple Wine.  The texture, flavor, salt, of the pork is offset by the sweetness and fruit of the applesauce.

So, if you have never had Apple Wine with your thanksgiving meal, this is the year.  If you have had our Apple Wine in our tasting room, then you’re likely to hear our staff talk about thanksgiving.  Happy thanksgiving!  Gobble gobble.

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Apple Wine with Thanksgiving Meal